NJ Government Furniture Design Companies

NJ Government Furniture Design Companies

With all of the tasks that local and township governments oversee, and with the always limited budgets they follow, it’s important to complete tasks on time and within regulations. NJ government furniture design companies need to not only be able to create ergonomic and visually attractive reception and office areas, they must also have an eye for regulatory and security concerns.

With government furniture design projects, timeliness is a critical aspect of completion. Designs and specifications need to be coordinated with the ability to change on the fly. Furniture suppliers need to meet deadlines and keep to the schedule. And a contractor needs to keep in communication with the agency to ensure any problems are immediately resolved.

At Bellia, we understand the complex and time sensitive procurement process that goes into designing and furnishing government workspaces. In addition to decades of office space design, we hold a GSA packaged office contract, NJ state contracts and contracting in multiple communities.

We help government agencies at every level, including complying with security regulations, meeting documentation procedures, addressing storage challenges, competing for project funding, and accommodating for an aging workforce.

Bellia can not only design ergonomic, highly functional, and visually appealing work and reception areas for your government agency, we also stay involved with you throughout the process. We source from multiple high quality furniture manufacturers, giving you a wide choice of colors and styles to match your brand. Our Real Time Design™ technology allows your team to view the progress of the design through every stage, and we work with you to make any changes or additions you require.

Let Bellia be your choice in NJ government furniture design companies. To find out more, call us today or use this online form to request a free workspace evaluation. Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!

NJ School Furniture Design Companies

NJ School Furniture Design Companies

As important as an education is to one’s future, an educational facility should provide the best possible learning environment. NJ school furniture design companies should focus on the whole picture, from ergonomically centered furniture to a visually stimulating learning area, with the ability to adapt to changing conditions. The student experience is greatly improved, and students are more motivated and confident.

The professionals at Bellia create well-designed spaces that improve and enhance classroom performance. We design classrooms, laboratories and lounges for maximum comfort, space usage, and reflection of a school’s atmosphere and branding. We bring a wide range of experience as a furniture design company for NJ schools.

See our case studies page for some of our successful projects, including:

Rutgers Camden Nursing and Science Building – Bellia helped to design and create a first class research and training facility for nursing students and faculty. The facility includes classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, study stations and more. Our design included the usage of green materials and energy efficient systems.

Ocean County College – Bellia was closely involved in the design of the Jon and Judith Larson Student Center, with the goal of creating an energy-efficient and collaborative environment. The design of the lounge area and café/coffee shop included a focus on multimedia capability and an environment that encouraged conversation among students and faculty.

LEAP Academy Charter School – Bellia assisted in the design and outfitting of this public education facility in Camden. We used bright colors, adaptability and multipurpose design throughout to create a learning environment where students could grow and succeed.

These are just some examples of how your educational facility can be greatly improved for all, while providing a flexible, encouraging space for students and staff. If you’d like to find out more about why Bellia should be your choice in NJ school furniture design companies, reach out to us today and tell us about your project. We’re here to help you love your learning space.

NJ Law Office Furniture Design Companies

NJ Law Office Furniture Design Companies

In a state where the practice of law is extremely competitive, the value of your office’s impression on clients and potential new hires couldn’t be greater. NJ law office furniture design companies should be focused on comfort, visually appealing spaces, and return on investment for your firm. At Bellia, we can completely remake or redesign your firm’s offices, from creating inviting reception areas and board rooms to redesigning private offices and work areas.

Office design makes a world of difference for law firms. If your reception area is disorganized, doesn’t make use of space, or features drab and older furniture, it creates a poor and lasting impression on prospective clients, opposing counsel, or potential new hires. Inside your office, it’s equally important to provide ergonomically friendly and functional spaces for recent law school graduates, paralegals and other staff.

Let us handle your NJ law office’s makeover. We’ll work with your office team to create new spaces throughout your facility that are designed for efficiency and offer integrated technology. Our company sources from over 200 furniture providers, enabling you to choose from multiple varieties and colors and styles that suit your brand. You and your firm’s staff will love your beautiful and comfortable new office, and how it reflects your firm’s culture. Best of all, we’ll show you a true ROI.

As an established authority in NJ law office furniture design companies, Bellia can give your firm a needed edge…in attracting top legal talent, bringing in and retaining clients, and creating a presence in the community. We have been serving businesses throughout South Jersey for over 40 years, and companies in a variety of industries trust us to design their office spaces right.

If you’d like to find out more, reach out to Bellia today or use this form to request a free workspace evaluation. We can help you and your firm’s visitors love the space they’re in.

NJ Bank Lobby Furniture Design Companies

NJ Bank Lobby Furniture Design Companies

Bellia Office Interiors of South Jersey is a trusted choice in NJ bank lobby furniture design companies. The Bellia family has been serving the needs of businesses in South Jersey for over 40 years, and our furniture design experts can design a striking, comfortable lobby for your bank that enhances your customer and employee experience.

With banks asking people to trust them with their finances of all things, it’s vital to make a solid, strong impression on every level, and that especially includes the comfort and appearance of the lobby where visitors get their first impression. A well-designed, comfortable, and ergonomically friendly bank lobby, with furniture design that ideally reflects the brand, creates a solid and trustworthy impression right away. In addition, a bank’s employees should be spending their days in a comfortable environment, where they can easily serve the clientele.

At Bellia, we take the time to fully embrace your company’s brand and create an eye-catching and productive environment in your furniture design. We work with your team from start to finish starting with our full site evaluation, and we help design an office that will; maximize your space and reflect your brand. Throughout the project, we keep you posted on the progress and are available to make any changes you request. We source from multiple top quality manufacturers, including Haworth®, and we help you choose a furniture style that best suits your bank lobby needs.

Whether you’re planning a redesign or modernization of your NJ bank’s existing lobby, or looking for a lobby furniture design in a new facility, Bellia can help you create the ideal statement. Find out more about what makes Bellia your ideal provider of NJ bank lobby furniture design companies. Contact us today or use this form to request a free space evaluation. We can help you love the space you’re in!

NJ Furniture Designer for Repurposed Spaces

NJ Furniture Designer for Repurposed SpacesWhether you’re redesigning an office or reception room, or turning an infrequently used area into a collaborative space, Bellia Work + Space is your NJ furniture designer for repurposed spaces. Creating new and efficient office designs is what we do best…and we’re dedicated to remaking your space to provide a real return on your investment.

The work environment is always changing, and businesses always have opportunities to improve their workspace and gain an edge on the competition. Employees that are comfortable and working in ergonomically-friendly environments tend to be more productive. An office with a space that is empty can damage morale and create a poor impression with visitors and potential new hires. In addition, with the cost of real estate in NJ what it is, businesses need to maximize the space they have.

Repurposing spaces in your office is a great opportunity to improve morale and attract new hires, or to simply adjust to your company’s and employees’ changing needs. When you choose your NJ furniture designer for repurposed spaces, choose a firm that will create a fully functional space that reflects your brand and provides the best return.

At Bellia, we’ve been trusted by Delaware Valley businesses for over 40 years to recreate office spaces, from break rooms to laboratories to reception areas and much more. Our design team works with you collaboratively throughout the process, even using our Real Time Design™ technology to allow you to view the progress at any time. Your employees and visitors will love the look and feel of your new break area, meeting space, or redesigned office.

Get started now making the most of your office space…call us today or click here to request our free work and space evaluation. Let one of our design experts help you with the process from the beginning. We’ll help you love the newly repurposed space you’re in.

Interior Designers for Camden Redevelopment Projects

Interior Designers for Camden Redevelopment Projects

Bellia is both proud and excited to have been chosen as interior designers for Camden redevelopment projects, including the current construction of the American Water building on the Camden Waterfront. From our new office on Market Street in Camden, we’re off to a great start in helping Camden-based and relocating businesses create eye-catching and ergonomically-friendly office spaces that reflect their brands.

If your business is thinking of relocating and becoming a part of the exciting Camden redevelopment, why not reach out to Bellia to handle your interior design? We create and furnish interior spaces for every type of facility, from healthcare and educational buildings to corporate offices and car dealerships. Our specialty is designing efficient, eye-catching workspaces that provide a true return on your investment. Bellia is a licensed HAWORTH® furniture dealer, offering comfortable and durable furniture from one of the world leaders.

Bellia understands the strain and disruption of relocating an office, and the countless time-consuming problems that emerge when a company is moving. That’s why we’ll plan everything in the process with you, from transportation logistics and furniture relocation to verifying field dimensions and much more. With our years of experience, we can help make your transition as smooth as can be, with little disruption to everyday company function.

We also employ our own Real Time Design™ technology, that enables us to work with your team throughout the process and enables you to view the progress anywhere you have an Internet connection. With Real Time Design™, you can suggest corrections and changes as needed during the design process itself, and save countless hours of redesign and rework.

When it comes to interior designers for Camden redevelopment projects, Bellia Office Design is your established choice. Contact us today to get started or use this online form to request a free workspace evaluation. We’re looking forward to helping you love the space you’re in!

Alternate Workplace Strategies

Alternate Workplace Strategies

In the ultra-competitive business world of today, companies are seeing alternate workplace strategies in their offices as a necessity, not a luxury. A workspace that offers something more to employees and encourages productivity gives a company a strong competitive advantage.

According to this study conducted by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Global Workplace Analytics, and Haworth Inc., people impact is the primary measure of success. Just 7% of the respondents in the survey believed that alternate workplace strategies could negatively impact productivity.

Businesses looking for top talent are doing more than paying a competitive salary. They’re finding ways to make the office a more inviting, pleasant place to work, rather than placing employees in drab, private cubicles. It’s not just about a more pleasant environment, either…many modernized companies are creating open spaces and collaborative areas, to both increase productivity and encourage idea-sharing among team members.

So much of the technology that workers use today, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, is geared to mobility in where we work. Employees are able to work from home, take presentations anywhere, and share information quickly.

In such an environment, flexibility is the key to office design. As a business owner, you may be able to reduce your workspace and costs through employees working in an open office, where collaboration and innovation is easier. You may even be able to increase revenue through sharing your excess office space.

In the end, it’s about your greatest asset…your people. When they’re in a comfortable, expressive environment, your productivity and innovation increase…and so does your bottom line.

Whatever your office design needs, Bellia is here to help.

Contact Bellia today to ask us about open office designs, shared workspaces, and other alternate workplace strategies you may be considering. We’ll be glad to schedule a free design consultation with you, and work with your team to create a beautiful and pleasant work space.

Camden Location

Bellia Is Opening A Camden Location

If you’re a business owner with an existing office, or you’re planning to occupy new office space in bustling Camden, NJ, we’ve got great news… Bellia is opening a Camden location very soon!

We will now be able to conveniently serve your office furniture and design needs, just as we’ve been doing for South Jersey and Philadelphia businesses for many years. You can now call on us for ergonomically friendly and production-oriented office design that not only beautifies your workplace but also provides a great return.

Bellia is a family-owned, third generation company that has been helping area businesses now for over 40 years, including in office design and quality furniture. We’re excited about serving your Camden-based business, with offices that are stylish and visually appealing. We’ve created new and improved office spaces for healthcare facilities, car dealerships, corporate offices, schools and much more. Whatever your Camden office needs, we can design and furnish it for you.

Why choose Bellia for your Camden office design? Because we offer quality furniture at a fair price. Bellia is a licensed HAWORTH® dealer, which means you can order furniture from a global leader in furniture that is comfortable, durable and makes efficient use of space. We also work with you throughout the process with our personalized Real Time Design™ technology, enabling your team to view progress and request changes and corrections from wherever you have an Internet connection.

When it comes to your office furniture needs, just remember that Bellia is opening a Camden location! Whether your need is new office design, existing office redesign or relocation, we can help you create a well-designed workspace that your employees and customers will love.

Contact us today for a free workspace evaluation, and find out how Bellia can help you love the space you’re in!

Open Concept Office Designs

Open Concept Office DesignsWith companies constantly looking to improve productivity and collaboration, many of them are looking to open concept office designs. The open concept office facilitates employee interaction by bringing employees closer together, as opposed to the cubicle format that places a premium on privacy. Businesses that rely on innovation especially are finding that with open offices, employees are more likely to engage in social behavior, communicate effectively with each other, and improve knowledge sharing.

At Bellia, we can help design your office to maximize both productivity and innovation. We can help whether you’re looking for someone to work with you on your open concept office designs, or if you’d like us to design it for you. Our team uses the latest technology to design an open office that is both comfortable and inviting to your employees. We’ll help arrange for your employees to easily communicate, and facilitate your production needs.

When you’re venturing into a new type of office design such as an open concept, you’ll need to ensure the design is done right. Take advantage of our Real Time Design™ technology! Our interactive Real Time Design™ process allows you to view the progress of your office design anywhere there is an Internet connection, and you can request changes as needed during the process. With Real Time Design™, you needn’t worry about confusion, costly re-work or re-design.

Once we’re completed your open concept office design, leave the furniture installation to us. We install high quality Haworth® brand furniture, and you can choose from either new or less expensive refurbished furniture that looks and works like new. Our install team is certified to install furniture within strict guidelines, and we provide union and non-union labor as needed.

When you want to improve your employee interaction with open concept office designs, call on the office design team at Bellia. Contact us today for a free workspace evaluation, and let’s get started on your improved office space!

New Jersey Office Design Specialists

New Jersey Office Design Specialists

New Jersey Office Design Specialists

Bellia gives you the widest selection of new office furniture in the region, positioning us at a pacesetter among New Jersey office design specialists.

New cubicles, new desks, new private offices, new workstations, new conference rooms, new waiting rooms and other new office furniture from Bellia can be yours at reasonable prices. You can count on the New Jersey office design specialists at Bellia to provide new office furniture in New Jersey to satisfy your needs.

Experienced New Jersey Office Design Specialists

The professional New Jersey office design specialists at Bellia provide some of the well-known brands in the office furniture business so you can be sure you are buying the best in new office furniture in New Jersey at competitive prices.

Our team is happy to offer all the fine brands from the leading New Jersey office design specialists.  Bellia is committed to wide selection and high quality when it comes to the new office furniture we offer for purchase.

If you are in the market for new cubicles, new desks, new private offices, new workstations, new conference rooms, new waiting rooms or other new office furniture in New Jersey, the New Jersey office design specialists at Bellia will be there for you.

We offer clients in New Jersey and Philadelphia the best in new office furniture for a single office, room or area or for an entire suite of offices, cubicles or workstations.  As a perfect answer for start-ups and small businesses, Bellia provides competitively priced new office furniture in New Jersey from some of America’s leading firms.

The expert New Jersey office design specialists at Bellia can help you figure out what you need when it comes to items that will match your current office furniture.  We have answers for all your questions about new office furniture in New Jersey.