South Jersey Shared Workspace Designers

South Jersey Shared Workspace DesignersIf you have an abundance of office space that you can rent, and need South Jersey shared workspace designers, the professionals at Bellia Work + Space can help. We design and furnish offices for businesses throughout South Jersey, including corporate offices, government buildings and more. We take the time to design your office for maximum productivity and comfort, and we are a recognized dealer of high quality Haworth® furniture for your shared office needs.

It can be a great boost for a business to rent unused office space, and a smaller company can also benefit from the reduced cost of using just a portion of an office. However, there are several factors that should be considered. A shared office puts more wear and tear on furniture and office equipment. It may require additional help with receptionists and cleaning crews. If an office is not properly divided, it could result in non-disclosure problems, especially in medical and legal offices. There are also setup costs involved with dividing spaces.

At Bellia, we have years of experience designing workspace to specific requirements, and we know how to meet shared workspace needs. We provide the highest quality furniture and provide refinishing services as needed for continued use. We also keep you in the loop with our Real Time Design™ process. Real Time Design™ allows you to view each step of the design process and offer feedback and request changes as needed. We’ll make sure that your office is designed and divided properly to be extra welcoming to potential tenants.

Contacting South Jersey Shared Workspace Designers

If your business is considering relocating your offices, now is the time to consider re-designing your office furniture and workspace. Since 1973 we have become one of the most trusted names in South Jersey office furniture design. Our office furniture showroom features a number of workspace (large or small), lobby and conference configurations suitable to all types of businesses. If you’re ready to transform your work-place or just looking for office enhancements, then let us help you… LOVE THE SPACE YOU’RE IN.

We invite you to have a look at finished projects on this website and find out more about how our South Jersey shared workspace designers can improve your workspace and bottom line. Contact us today to speak with a representative, and let us help you love the space you’re in!