New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & Installation

New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & InstallationThank you for visiting the Bellia website. Bellia is your go-to store for New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & Installation. We have over 40 years of experience, over three family generations, in helping businesses in New Jersey meet their office needs and providing office design services to our clients. Our portfolio of successful designs include medical offices, corporate offices, car dealerships, schools and colleges.

Bellia offers New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & Installation services in Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Salem, Atlantic, and Cumberland Counties. We can help redesign your corporate workspace with a focus on employee productivity and comfort and meeting your corporate goals. We have a team of experts staying up to date on the latest products and ergonomic standards.

Our New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & Installation services include:

Office Relocation – We can address transportation logistics, furniture relocation, and verifying field dimensions among other important steps in relocation.

Office Inventory Management – We can help you implement a warehousing program, transfer inventory and store products in a manner that is based on your specific needs.

Project Management – Our project management staff can help you with logistics coordination, scheduling, contracts management and project finalization.

Office Design – We use the latest technology of “REAL TIME DESIGN” ™ to create space layouts and determine the best design solutions for your office needs.

Installation – We offer both Union and non-Union services to meet your project requirements and contractual needs.

When you’re ready to contact a team of established professionals to meet your New Jersey Office Furniture Sales & Installation needs, take a brief moment to get your work + space evaluation on the online form on this page and we will send a design expert to review your work space and share ways you can improve your productivity and morale.

Let us help you love the space you’re in!