South Jersey Office Design Consultants

South Jersey Office Design Consultants

In the many South Jersey office design consultants, Bellia is the best for furnishing your space. The experts on our team give you the best corporate design services for your offices, lounges, and work areas. Over the years of decorating offices with the best furnishing, we have accumulated a vast spectrum of  clientele in  medical offices, corporate offices, car dealerships, schools, colleges and government buildings.

Using over 200 different manufactures, the possibilities for making your space unique are endless. No space is too complex to be fitted with the right desks, chairs, decor and all other pieces of furnishing we have in our catalog. With a massive amount of different styles of fittings, our office furniture showroom features a number of workspace (large or small), lobby and conference configurations suitable to all types of businesses.

With Bellia, we take you through a 5 staged process from assessing your work space to a walk through after completion.

We start things off by picking your creative brain, pairing your needs with our showroom to be the outlet for your expression and goals.

From there, a timetable is created along with an expected life cycle for you interior. We take this and build a budget that matches the highest quality possible. With the spaced assessed and logistics mapped out, we work on a design and select the right fittings for your furnishing.

We know the importance of getting the most out of your space. We’ll use our knowledge and your interests to custom make your site design plan. With a plan in place, we gather the materials, fabrics and finishes needed to brig your vision to life.

To properly execute this plan, we plan out what phases will be accomplished first at a designated time. Once the project is completed we will schedule a final walk-through to make sure every detail of the project meets client’s expectations.

If you think Bellia could be the South Jersey office design consultants to revamp your space- give them a call here.