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Alternate Workplace Strategies

Alternate Workplace Strategies

In the ultra-competitive business world of today, companies are seeing alternate workplace strategies in their offices as a necessity, not a luxury. A workspace that offers something more to employees and encourages productivity gives a company a strong competitive advantage.

According to this study conducted by Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), Global Workplace Analytics, and Haworth Inc., people impact is the primary measure of success. Just 7% of the respondents in the survey believed that alternate workplace strategies could negatively impact productivity.

Businesses looking for top talent are doing more than paying a competitive salary. They’re finding ways to make the office a more inviting, pleasant place to work, rather than placing employees in drab, private cubicles. It’s not just about a more pleasant environment, either…many modernized companies are creating open spaces and collaborative areas, to both increase productivity and encourage idea-sharing among team members.

So much of the technology that workers use today, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets, is geared to mobility in where we work. Employees are able to work from home, take presentations anywhere, and share information quickly.

In such an environment, flexibility is the key to office design. As a business owner, you may be able to reduce your workspace and costs through employees working in an open office, where collaboration and innovation is easier. You may even be able to increase revenue through sharing your excess office space.

In the end, it’s about your greatest asset…your people. When they’re in a comfortable, expressive environment, your productivity and innovation increase…and so does your bottom line.

Whatever your office design needs, Bellia is here to help.

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