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Open Concept Office Designs

Open Concept Office DesignsWith companies constantly looking to improve productivity and collaboration, many of them are looking to open concept office designs. The open concept office facilitates employee interaction by bringing employees closer together, as opposed to the cubicle format that places a premium on privacy. Businesses that rely on innovation especially are finding that with open offices, employees are more likely to engage in social behavior, communicate effectively with each other, and improve knowledge sharing.

At Bellia, we can help design your office to maximize both productivity and innovation. We can help whether you’re looking for someone to work with you on your open concept office designs, or if you’d like us to design it for you. Our team uses the latest technology to design an open office that is both comfortable and inviting to your employees. We’ll help arrange for your employees to easily communicate, and facilitate your production needs.

When you’re venturing into a new type of office design such as an open concept, you’ll need to ensure the design is done right. Take advantage of our Real Time Design™ technology! Our interactive Real Time Design™ process allows you to view the progress of your office design anywhere there is an Internet connection, and you can request changes as needed during the process. With Real Time Design™, you needn’t worry about confusion, costly re-work or re-design.

Once we’re completed your open concept office design, leave the furniture installation to us. We install high quality Haworth® brand furniture, and you can choose from either new or less expensive refurbished furniture that looks and works like new. Our install team is certified to install furniture within strict guidelines, and we provide union and non-union labor as needed.

When you want to improve your employee interaction with open concept office designs, call on the office design team at Bellia. Contact us today for a free workspace evaluation, and let’s get started on your improved office space!